UCI CTSA: The ninth annual juried undergraduate exhibition “Eleven”

At the Exhibition

exhibition poster

“Eleven”: The ninth annual juried undergraduate exhibition curated by Mara Lonner and Shelby Roberts

Title: “Artful Life”

4×5-feet print
“Living room” 2013

6 small letter-size print
“Bathroom” 2013
“Bottles” 2011
“People” 2013
“Making” 2013
“Home” 2011
“Park” 2013

Acrylic on paper

Artist Statement:
I learned about cardboard printing during the last year of high school and have made some new prints recently related to what I see and experience in life. The process of making cardboard prints is very different from what I thought making art is like. I don’t have full control of the work and the result is always spontaneous and unexpected: Usually these prints turn out to be very different from what I thought they would be when I made the cardboard blocks. This magical process intrigues me and gets me into abstraction and representational art.
My experience of cardboard printing evolves from making simple geometric shapes to creating a more complex representation of everyday life. The series “Artful Life” includes twenty selected prints from 2010 and one 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide print from 2013. In this show, Eleven, the seven most recent works are displayed.
The whole purpose of this work is to generate a different way of experiencing everyday life. Using scrap cardboards, a readymade, as the medium, the prints contain the unique textures from the cardboards, which is recognizable by the viewers and is very different from traditional woodblock prints that only show the images made by the artists. This property of the work reveals the beauty of the textures that a machine-made object can create. “Artful Life” depicts everyday objects with abstract compositions, layers of paints, and textures from the cardboard.

Pinglin Huang


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